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Russian Volume Lashes

For a fuller, more voluminous look, search no further than the Lash Perfect Russian Volume lashes treatment! The volume eyelash technique developed in Russia involves the application of several fine synthetic lashes to one of your natural lashes; this is a long lasting & light to wear treatment that will not damage your eyelashes. A full set gives a high impact look with lots of volume, while a natural set gives a light & subtle appearance.

Volume lashes are extremely light & soft similar to Mink, making it possible to apply up to 6 extensions to one natural lash. The extensions are applied in a ‘fan’ creating soft & fluffy eyelash extensions. These extensions are so lightweight that they can be safely applied to create extra volume but still remain very light so they do not weigh down the natural lashes.

Lash Perfect Russian volume eyelash extensions are semi-permanent lasting up to 8-12 weeks with regular maintenance. Lash Perfect eyelash extensions provide thickness & length to natural eyelashes thus enhancing the charm & appeal of your eyes. To maintain the fullness of the lashes & to keep their perfect appearance, we do recommend that they are retouched every two to three weeks.

Lash Perfect Russian Volume eyelash extensions require professional application to ensure the best finish. Finny-Foo-Fars Beauty Box is proud to be a fully certified Lash Perfect Russian Volume Eyelash Technician.


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Before & After Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions

Russian Volume Eyelash Extension Prices

Lash Perfect Russian Volume Eyelash Extension
The fullest lashes achievable, we will apply up to 6 ultra fine fanned extensions to one natural lash. 3-4 hours
Lash Perfect Russian Volume Eyelash Extension
2-3 extensions will be applied to each natural lash, this treatment is perfect for a subtle & natural
look. 2-3 hours
Lash Perfect Russian Volume Infills​​​
1 hour & 45 minutes session
Lash Perfect Russian Volume Infills
1 hour & 15 minutes session
Lash Perfect Russian Classic Lash Removals
Safe and proper removal of your current lashes

Russian Volume Eyelash Extension After Care Products

Black Mascara
£ 12.50
Lash Perfect’s Black Mascara is specially designed for lash extensions, but is also suitable for natural lashes, giving both a glamorous look.
Finishing Glaze
The oil-free Finishing Glaze seals the adhesive bond of the extension & imparts a gorgeous sheen. This product is ideal to use daily to tame lashes & to add lustre, and what’s more is that there is no need to remove it!
Eyelash Cleansing cloth
A gentle, reusable & fibre-free cleansing cloth to use for cleaning around the eye area during treatments & as part of your daily cleansing routine!
Lift Off Makeup Remover
The Lash Perfect Lift Off Eye Makeup Remover works quickly and effectively to remove all eye makeup & cleanse the eye area.
Gentle Eye Makeup Remover
Our oil-free, Gentle Eye Make Up Remover can be used to remove makeup & cleanse the eye area. It is suitable for both false lashes and natural lashes.
Lash Care Kit
Retail pack essential for all customers wearing Lash Perfect eyelash extensions.
Luxury Lash Care Kit
The Luxury Lash Care Kit is the perfect pack for all customers wearing Lash Perfect eyelash extensions.

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Frequently Asked Eyelash Extension Questions

How Long Do Lash Extensions Last?

Russian Volume lashes will last the lifetime of the natural lash they are adhered to which is generally 4-6 weeks. After this time most lashes will have fallen. To keep lashes looking their best it is recommended to have a regular 2-3 week to up treatment.

Can I Have Russian Volume Extensions If I Wear Contact Lenses?

We recommend you remove contact lenses for the duration of the treatment. Thereafter lenses can be worn as normal.

Do Eyelash Extensions Damage Your Natural Lashes?

Lash Perfect lash extension do not damage the natural lashes. With correct aftercare, the natural lash should remain unaffected.

How Does It Feel To Have  Russian Volume Extensions Applied?

Application is gentle and totally comfortable. Your eyes will be protected. You will need to keep your eyes closed for the duration of the Classic treatment, although we can take a small break if required.

How Long Can I Wear Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions For?

Lash perfect Classic eyelash extensions can be worn continually. We recommend a fresh set is applied occasionally just to keep them looking fresh.

Russian volume Eyelash Extension After Care

Please feel free to download important aftercare information for your lashes By clicking this link

Treatment Russian Eyelashes

Appointments & Cancellations

A deposit of £5.00 is required within 24 hours of appointment confirmation to secure your appointment. But don’t worry £5.00 will be debited off the final invoice for all fulfilled appointments. However, the deposit is non-refundable for all cancelled appointments or no shows. Sorry but 48 hours’ notice by Text or Phone is required to change your appointment date & time otherwise your deposit will also be non-refundable. Payment can be made by Bank Transfer or PayPal.

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