Finny-Foo-Fars Beauty Box Prices

From 2022 an additional £1.50 will be added to each appointment to cover extra costs resulting from COVID-19

Price List

Nail Extension Prices

£45.00–PolyGel French Tip Extensions
£36.00–PolyGel & Colour Nail Extensions
£32.00–PolyGel & Colour Nail Overlay
£29.00–PolyGel Infill & Gelish Gel Colour  (3  weeks)
£36.00–PolyGel Infill & Gelish Gel Colour (+3 weeks)
£33.00–PolyGel Removal & Gelish Gel Colour
£15.00–PolyGel Removal & Tidy Up
£ 7.00–Nail Tip Repair

Gelish Gel Nails Prices

£23.00 — Manicure & Gelish Gel
£29.00 — Gelish Soak Off & Re Application
£29.00 — Deluxe Manicure & Gelish Gel
£36.00 — Premium Manicure & Gelish Gel
£23.00 — Pedicure & Gelish Gel
£29.00 — Deluxe Pedicure & Gelish Gel
£36.00 — Premium Pedicure & Gelish Gel

Nail Art, Removal & Repairs Prices

£ 1.00 for 10 nails–Matte Finish
£ 1.50 per nail or £9.00 for 10 Ombre / Marbled nails
£ 1.00 – £2.00 per nail Free Hand Nail Art
£ .50 per nail or £4.00 for 10 Glitter Nails
£ .50 Per Nail For Swarovski Crystals/MoYou Nail Stamping/Coloured Foils
£15.00 Gel or Acrylic Removal Other Technicians Work
£12.99 Gelish Mini Soak Off Kit
£ 9.00 Gel Removal
£ 5.00 Nail Tip Repair Per Nail
£ 4.00 Nail Polish Removal

Classic Eyelash Extension Prices

£57.00–Lash Perfect Classic Eyelash Extensions
£36.00–Lash Perfect Classic Lash Extensions
£17.00–Lash Perfect Classic Corner Flicks
£32.00–Lash Perfect Classic Infills​​​
£25.00–Lash Perfect Classic Infills
£10.00–Lash Perfect Classic Lash Removals

Russian Volume Eyelash Extension Prices

£85.00–Lash Perfect Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions
£65.00–Lash Perfect Russian Volume EyeLash Extensions
£45.00–Lash Perfect Russian Volume Infills​​​
£35.00–Lash Perfect Russian Volume Infills
£10.00–Lash Perfect Russian volume Lash Removals

Lash Perfect After Care Product Prices

£12.50–Lash Perfect Black Mascara
£18.50–Lash Perfect Finishing Glaze
£ 7.99–Lash Perfect Eyelash Cleansing Cloth
£20.50–Lash Perfect Lift Off Makeup Remover
£12.99–Lash Perfect Gentle Eye Makeup Remover
£23.50–Lash Perfect Lash Care Kit
£32.00–Lash Perfect Luxury Lash Care Kit

LVL Lashes Prices

£45.00–Full LVL Enhance Lashes ​60 Mins​

Eyelash & Brow Care Prices

£ 5.00–Apraise® Eyebrow Tint
£ 8.00–Apraise® Eyelash Tint
£ 7.00–Apraise® Eyebrow Shape (Tweeze)
£11.00–Apraise® Eyebrow Wax
£12.00–Apraise® Eyebrow Tint & Shape (Tweeze)
£15.00–Apraise® Eyebrow Tint & Wax
£18.00–Apraise® Eyelash Tint.Eyebrow Tint & Shape
£22.00–Apraise® Eyelash Tint. Eyebrow Tint & Wax

Ladies Waxing Prices

£28.00–Full Leg Wax
£24.00–¾ Leg Wax​​​
£19.00–½ Leg Wax
£29.00–½ Leg & Bikini Wax
£24.00–½ Leg & Under Arm Wax
£15.00–Standard Bikini Wax
£19.00–Full Arm Wax
£15.00–½ Arm Wax
£10.00–Under Arm Wax​​​​​
£20.00–Eye Brow, Lip & Chin Wax​​
£15.00–Lip & Chin Wax​
£11.00–Eyebrow Wax
£ 9.00–Lip Or Chin Wax

Facials Prices

£36.00–Premium Kaeso Facial– (60 minutes)
£29.00–Deluxe Kaeso Facial— (45 minutes)
£17.50–Mini Kaeso Facial—– (25 minutes)

Male Grooming Prices

£35.00–Chest & Stomach​​
£25.00–Chest Wax​​​
£35.00–Full Back & Shoulders
£25.00–Upper Back & Shoulders
£15.00–Shoulders Only
£15.00–Small Of Back
£20.00–Forearms Incl. Elbows & Hands​
£30.00–Full Arms Incl. Hands
£10.00–Hands Only​​
£40.00–Full Legs & Feet
£25.00–Upper Legs Incl. Knees
£25.00–Lower Legs Incl. Knees & Feet
£ 8.00–Feet Only
£18.00–Brow Groom​
£10.00–Back Of Neck


A deposit of £10.00 is required within 24 hours of appointment confirmation to secure your appointment. £10.00 will be debited off the final invoice for all fulfilled appointments. However, the deposit is non-refundable for all cancelled appointments or no shows. 24 hours notice by Text or Phone is required to change your appointment date & appointment time otherwise your deposit will also be non-refundable. Payment can be made by Bank Transfer or Pingit.