GelPot Nail Extensions

If you are looking for Nail Extensions look no further than GelPot.

GelPot is ideal for all your nail enhancements.

From those well known ‘talons’ (long nails ladies haha) to little shorties or even just on your natural nail for that extra bit of strength this hard wearing, long lasting, no lifting GelPot is your perfect solution.


The GelBottle Inc™ was born with high quality and innovation in mind, offering an incredible array of over 360 unique colours to satisfy everyone’s taste.

We develop cutting edge products like Builder In A Bottle™ and GelPot, two revolutionary builder gel systems for both natural nails and extensions.

Lasting 4+ weeks if correct after care is followed, these are fit for all types of people heavy handed or not. Cleaner? Office Worker? Even Nail Techs, this will not budge from your fingers.

It doesn’t end there, not only does this product feel like air on your nails they are also VEGAN & CRUELTY-FREE.



GelPot Extensions
Shape and length of your choice finished with a gel colour.
GelPot Natural Nail Overlays
A GelPot overlay & colour on your natural nail where no tips are applied. Great for helping short nails grow longer or weak nails gain strength.
GelPot Infills
Remove colour, infill and reapply gel colour of your choice and finish with our ‘EXTREME SHINE’ Top Coat.


We DO NOT recommend you remove your extensions at home as this WILL cause severe damage to your natural nails. Picking, pulling or biting your GelPot WILL cause damage that can take 6 months to repair.

We do advise you return to the salon for safe removal. As GelPot is a file off system we do not remove the entire product & will leave a very thin layer on the nail. This ensures no damage is caused to the natural nail through over filing. IT CANNOT BE REMOVED WITH ACETONE.

GelPot Removal & Gel Colour
Removal of existing GelPot & addition of Gel colour to natural nail.
GelPot Removal & Tidy Up
GelPot removal, file, cuticle care, shape & nourishing oil for healthy looking natural nails.
Nail Repair
Has your nail gone ping? Let me do my thing.


Please feel free to download important aftercare information about your GelPot Nail enhancements.

Download after care leaflet


A deposit of £5.00 is required within 24 hours of appointment confirmation to secure your appointment. £5.00 will be debited off the final invoice for all fulfilled appointments. However, the deposit is non-refundable for all cancelled appointments or no shows. 24 hours notice by Text or Phone is required to change your appointment date & appointment time otherwise your deposit will also be non-refundable. Payment can be made by Bank Transfer or Pingit.

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